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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BEBCARE HEAR - DIGITAL AUDIO BABY MONITOR
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  • The Bebcare Hear is an ultra-low emission audio monitor for your baby.
  • The Hear includes a unit each for parent and baby, and transmits crystal clear audio up to a distance of 2,000 feet.
  • An optional sensor lets you monitor your child’s breathing at night, with a starry night light and lullabies to put your baby to sleep.
  • The Bebcare Hear features rechargeable batteries that provide up to 65 hours of standby time on a single charge.
  • Bebcare Hear baby monitor employs DSR radio technology, which reduces wireless emission by over 90% compared to other baby monitors.


    A worrying majority of baby monitors available to parents today employ transmission technologies that emit strong doses of rad ation, all through the day, and even when on standby.

    These operate at up to 2.4 Ghz: the same bandwidth used by microwave ovens.

    Most hi - tech baby monitors hide the potential hazards of wireless technology in a fine print caution on their packaging.

    While radiation carries documented health risks for people of all ages, children and babies are especially vulnerable.

    With Bebcare, we had a simple mission - to design a baby monitor that didn't force parents to choose between performance and health.


    Bebcare baby monitors are designed to give you the best of both worlds - the convenience of a digital monitor with 91% less emissions. Our patented radio technology reduces wireless transmission to 0 under idle circumstances, and only activates when your baby is crying. This means extra supervision and peace of mind, without the hidden costs to your health.

    • Comfort nightlight
    • Music lullabies
    • Great Starry nightlight
    • Optional breathing sensor
    • Ultra-low radiation mode enabled

    • 600m wireless range
    • 70 hour standby time
    • Background white noise silencer
    • Two-way talk back
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Room temperature, lullabies, feeding alerts

    The Bebcare brand was born in Boston, USA in 2016 and was developed by the technical team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Focus on providing safe and practical baby products for babies.

    At Bebcare, we are committed to designing baby monitors that put the health and safety of babies and the families first. In the two decades since our founding, we have stayed true to these values: we are family-owned and family-centric, whit a focus on product quality and unstinting service.

    Today, Bebcare develops and manufactures monitors that emit the lowest electromagnetic emissions of and baby monitor on the market, making our products the safest and most trusted technology you can choose for your little bundle of joy. We invest time and effort in creating functional, beautiful, and environmentally friendly products for little ones. We hope you enjoy the thought and attention we put into designing our products.

    Our team has its fair share of product scientists and MIT engineerswith decades ofexpertise in their chosen fields, but what they also have in common is an appreciation for the tremendous challenge of raising a child.

    Caring for a newborn as a working or stay - at - home parent is a mind boggling enterprise.

    Designing a reliable, safe - to - use baby monitor was one of the ways we thought we could help.

    For parents juggling the demands of an infant, the occasional quiet moment each day makes all the difference.

    Our baby monitors are designed to help new parents make little pockets of time for themselves.

    With Bebcare, parents can rest easy in the knowledge that their babies are being safely monitored - freeing up time to take care of other tasks or simply to enjoy a moment of rest in a hectic day.

    The baby unit projects a dim starry night light onto the ceiling. The lights changes color gradually to soothe the baby. Another great design choice is that the night light is voice activated. It slowly goes away when no sound is detected in the baby's room for a period of time.

    The Bebcare baby monitor comes with a choice of six music lullabies, including Beethoven, flowing water, and heartbeat sound. You have the option of controlling the playback remotely on the parent unit. The music volume can be adjusted, so it's at just the right volume for your nursery set-up. The sound quality of the music lullabies is good, but definitely not as good as the speakers on your smartphone. There is a tiny level of scratchy static noise when the music lullaby is playing. It's like listening to an old LP record.

    Through the detector (optional accessory) to detect the child's sleep status at any time, when the baby is abnormal, you can send an alarm to remind the terminal in time, so that you have a stable meal and lunch break.

    The product's adaptive VOX sensitivity makes the VOX not triggered by ambient noise, and can accurately detect the baby's crying sound so that you can respond in time.

    You can also set a feeding alarm on the parent unit to remind yourself it's time to feed the little one. You can configure the alarm to go off in 15-min intervals, with a maximum time duration of 6 hours. It's a nifty little feature because sometimes you may not have your phone with you all the time, but you normally have your baby monitor by your side.

    When your baby cries, you can let the baby hear your voice through the intercom function, and soothe your baby in time when you can't leave to give the baby enough sense of security.

    The newest version of this baby monitor utilizes the improved USB Type-C plug for power and charging. This standard plug is shared with many modern smart devices, such as smartphones and laptops. This makes the Bebcare Hear extremely portable for travel an great .

    The battery life on the Bebcare Motion was excellent.It’s 70 hour standby time.

    Ease all your worries and anxieties and get a full night's rest with the Bebcare Mat baby breathing sensor mat. The sensor mat features three sensitive piezoelectric sensors in each board and will detect abnormal breathing patterns and sound an alarm if it detects a pause or irregularity in the baby’s breath.

    The Bebcare baby monitor can be paired with an optional breathing sensor mat accessory

    What this mat does is that it continuously monitor the baby's breathing pattern. While the mat is not a medical device, it is supposed to prevent one of the most common forms of infant death called SIDS. Infant deaths occur when the baby rolls over onto his / her face, causing the baby to suffocate.

    An early detection mechanism such as the breathing mat can save lives.

    The unique properties of piezo film as a dynamic sensor make it particularly well-suited to the detection of vital signs, without direct contact with the baby's delicate skin. The mat senses the baby's movement accurately through the mattress using its patented technology. You can sleep well through the night, knowing your child is safely, and happily, asleep.

    • Battery life: 60days
    • Operating Frequency: 863-870MHz
    • Operating Mode: Fully Wireless
    • Wireless Technology: Ultra-low Power Safe Signal
    • Sensor Technology: Piezo-electric Motin Sensor Fully Adjustable Sensitivity
    • Functions: Breathing Indicator LED Alarm Snooze
    • Battery: 3 × standard AA
    • Out of Range Alert: Yes
    • Low Battery Alert: Yes
    • Setup: One-click setup

    (1)FCC certification

    (2)CE certification

    The Bebcare Hear audio baby monitor is one of the few ultra-low EMF options on the market. The baby monitor employs a low EMF technology called DSR Digital Safe Radio. The parent unit connects to the baby unit through a wireless 865MHz low power FHSS connection. The great thing about this technology is that the emissions level can be reduced to zero with the right settings.

    The baby unit automatically shuts off when the baby is not crying, thus removing the need to transmit signal when there is nothing to report. This is a really ingenious design in terms of the safety of the baby monitor.

    Because the Bebcare Hear baby monitor uses an encrypted ultra-low power FHSS radio signal, risks of hacking and security breach are minimal. It’s impossible for someone to hack into the Bebcare baby monitor via your Wifi connection, they would need to be within signal range. They would also need to be able to decrypt the secured signal. We evaluate this to be one of the safer choices out there in terms of security. If you are someone concerned about your personal privacy and the risk of being hacked, we strongly recommend getting a traditional radio-frequency based baby monitors.

    Yes. The Bebcare Hear supports up to 2 baby units. It also supports up to 2 parent units.

    The Bebcare Hear is an audio baby monitor. You can hear and speak to your baby. If you need a video monitor, you should go for the Bebcare Motion/IQ instead.

    No, the Bebcare Motion is not a WiFi based monitoring system. It does not integrate with these voice assistants.

    No, the Bebcare Hear baby monitor is not a WiFi based monitoring, it does not use an app. If you are looking for a great app-based WiFi monitor, you can checkout the Bebcare IQ.

    Yes. The Bebcare Hear has a voice-activated baby unit and parent unit. When the baby unit is in idle, the wireless transmission stops between the two units. The parent unit screen turns off automatically if your baby is not crying.

    Yes. The Bebcare Hear baby monitor supports talk back function. You press a button on the parent unit to enable talk back.

    The Bebcare Hear comes with a standard one year warranty. We recommend you contact us if you experience any issue with your model after purchase. You can send email to shop@kontenl.com

    You can email their support team at hello@bebcare.com. Their email support center should get back to you within 24 hours.

    Kontenl's customers now enjoy an extended 1 year warranty on all Bebcare products (Proof of purchase from Kontenl required).

    During the warranty period, Kontenl will cover courier charges not covered by the manufacturer

    Kontenl is an authorized online retailer co-operated by Klau International Co, Limited (Hong Kong) and Kontenl Solutions Inc. (Canada).

    Klau and Kontenl are authorized Bebcare distributors globally. The Kontenl store is authorized to ship the Bebcare internationally.

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