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BubbleBum is an innovative, portable, inflatable booster seat designed for children aged between 4 – 11 years.

Ideal for vacation, rental cars, taxis, school trips and a perfect product for grandparents or daycare in the event of unexpected or occasional journeys.Our vision is to see EVERY child on a booster Seat for EVERY journey.

BubbleBum is lightweight and can be carried in a rucksack or handbag. It’s easy to use and most importantly it is safe.

The cost-effective, portable, lightweight, brightly coloured, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and folds flat so that kids or moms can carry it in a rucksack or handbag, making it perfect for vacation, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, field trips or car pooling.

Vehicle seatbelts are designed for adults, not children. Without a booster seat, the lap belt will sit dangerously high across the vulnerable area of the lower abdomen. The shoulder belt will be positioned too close to the face and neck.

The BubbleBum is designed to raise the child up, allowing optimum fit of the vehicle seatbelt. This 'boost' combined with our rigid side clips, keeps the lap belt securely positioned across the bony portion of the pelvis. The shoulder belt is positioned safely across the child's chest and shoulder

• 500g light: Portable Booster for Big Kids

• 3 certification: US FMVSS213, EU ECE R44.04, China GB27887 (CCC)

• 8 consecutive years: Received the highest safety rating from the US IIHS

• 4 patented innovations

Unlock the convenience of the USA’s Original backless inflatable booster seat. BubbleBum is the only inflatable childrens booster seat for your car with a patented system to guarantee stability and comfort on every journey.

BubbleBums patented ComfortMax technology exceeds all US federal car safety standards (FMVSS213) for booster car seats 40 lbs and up to 100 lbs. Your car booster seat comes with a seat belt positioning clip for optimal seat belt fit and comfort.

Your inflatable carseat is perfect for everyday use, car rentals, taxis, vacations and carpooling. Take your new backless booster seat on all your school trips and adventures. Perfect for your little toddlers, girls and boys aged 4 to 11 years old.

The narrow, compact and slim BubbleBum booster seat is perfect for the middle seat, even small cars. It fits between 2 full-size car seats, allowing 3 kids across the back of almost any car.

BubbleBum has won the ‘Mom's Best Award,’ and the ‘Parent Tested Parent Approved' award, plus dozens more. Ask our millions of happy car seat customers how much they trust the BubbleBum name. Your Bubblebum Car Booster Seat also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Height: 40-57 inches (101-145cm)
  • Weight: 40-100 lbs (15-36kg)

  • Product name: BubbleBum
  • Weight: ~500g (15 ounces)
  • Installation: Forward facing
  • Suitable age: 4 – 11 years old
  • Safety standards:
    • 1) USA FMVSS213
    • 2) ECE R44.04
    • 3) China GB27887 (CCC)
  • Dimensions:
    • 1) When inflated the seat measures
      • 11 x11 x 4.5 Inches
    • 2) When deflated the seat measures
      • 11.8 x 5.9 x 3.9 Inches
    • 3) Tip: ideal as you can now fit three across the back.
  • Sitable vehicles: all vehicles fitted with a three point seat belt.
  • Mterial: Durable material similar to that of life vests and other life saving products.
    • 1) Air bladder comprises: energy absorbing memory foam, which adds structural integrity and comfort.
    • 2) Cover around the air cushion made of energy absorbing material.
    • 3) Webbing, attaches two belt positioning clips which are made of high density Nylon.

"The BubbleBum Car Booster seat was born out of frustration and concern for my own children’s safety when travelling abroad. My children and their friends have been involved in every part of the journey to date and I still look to them for inspiration and ideas. My passion for my kids is what drives me and I want to show them that they can achieve anything for the right reasons. There is no greater reward than to see your children proud of what you are trying to achieve."

Our vision is to create a global brand of products which are cool, functional and innovative travel solutions for families.

Some of the values that define us as a company are :

  • • We will always act with integrity and honesty.
  • • We will always act in the best interest of the company but never to the detriment of the safety of children.
  • • We will speak as if others are listening and write only what we would like others to read.
  • • We want our team to dream big and be part of the dream.
  • • We will be consciously positive in our speech and all communication at all times.
  • • Always take the business seriously, never take ourselves too seriously
  • • We will choose to have a great day!

  • The BubbleBum Booster Seat is sold in 27 countries around the world and we have exciting plans to expand into new countries in the coming months.

  • • European invention patent No.2414190
  • • U.S. Invention Patent No.8678499
  • • U.S. Design Patent No.D672,996
  • • International Patent No.PCT/EP2010/001910

  • ComfortMax Engineered to help protect your child in frontal, rear, & rollover crashes.

      o 1) USA FMVSS213
      o 2) ECE R44.04
      o 3) China GB27887 (CCC)

      • Adjustable length of buckle webbing

      • Keep away from the head and neck to avoid impact and suffocation

      • Fixed pelvic position

      • Prevent throwing out while resisting impact

      • Fixed on legs

      • Stay away from the abdominal area to prevent impact that could cause internal organs to be compressed

    11cm height increase complies with new EU ECE regulations!

    EU ECE new revised bill requirements:

    The height of the non-integrated child restraint system cannot be lower than 65mm.

    Compared with other foldable safety seats, BubbleBum safer!

    • Space-saving: Comfortably sits three in the back row.
    • Energy absorbing sponge ensures comfortable long rides.
    • Spaceous seat fits children with large hip.

    The BubbleBum takes up very little space, unlike a conventional car seat that typically takes up an extra half-seat space.

    It’s really compact and really saves space. Large and small seats can be used together, or three can be used side by side without appearing crowded.

    The front is high and the back is low to prevent slipping out, fit the baby's hip shape, and allow the child's legs to be placed naturally. Children will not cry after sitting for a long time.

    Skin-friendly and breathable, your children’s butt won’t sweat after sitting for a long time in summer.

    High density, soft and elastic, your children’s butt won’t hurt when sit on BubbleBum.

    Exquisite brand logo, no burrs.

    • Lighweight & Portable: Weighs ~500g (15 ounces), fits in airplane overhead compartment
    • Perfect for taxi travel and school bus runs
    • Easy to use (ie. grandparents-friendly)
    • Convenient for children who ride on different cars.
    • Frees up your back seats, as it can be installed and taken out quite quickly.
    • Simplfies travel: Trip, taxi, carpool, UBER/Lyft/Grab, Rental

    Whether it's carpooling or riding in a small car, BubbleBum is convenient for both parents and kids.

    The size and weight of BubbleBum allows it to be move to different cars easily.

    Imagine having to carry a conventional booster seat when traveling! That can be quite hectic.

    In contrast, BubbleBum is lightweight, compact and easily foldable. It's compact form factor fits in a carry-on sized storage bag that comes with a carry handle. It fits easily in the air plane overhead compartment, and is significantly lighter for parents and grandparents to carry than traditional car seats

    The BubbleBum weighs about 100g and can be easily leave in the trunk when not in use. It comes with a storage bag.

    BubbleBum is portable and quick to install so parents are more likely to protect their children in cab rides.

    Easy to install, children can use it themselves.

    1. Take out the safety seat, unscrew the air valve and blow in full air.

    2 Fasten the shoulder belt positioning clip and place the safety seat on the seat.

    3. The child should sit in the safety seat and fasten the seat belt correctly.

    4. Pass the waist safety belt through the red positioning clips on the left and right sides, and snap the shoulder belt into the shoulder belt positioning clips.

    Note: The shoulder strap needs to be adjusted to the middle of the shoulder. The red buckle position should be slightly lower than or flush with the shoulder, but not higher than the shoulder.

    BubbleBum is easy to loosen, inflate and deflate quickly with a premium air valve.

    Integrated removable and washable seat cover. Cleaning is very convenient. One set can be disassembled and washed, and the seat cushions will stay neat and tidy for a long time.

    A booster seat positions the vehicle seat belt over the strongest parts of the body i.e. low across the top of the thighs (on bony pelvis) and across the center of the chest, never across the face or neck.

    Booster seats also provide ‘boost’ to prevent slouching. (Test dummies never slouch forward to get comfortable, only children, this is why it is important to use a seat with a slight raise in height).

    Inflate your BubbleBum easily by blowing into the air valve, just a few puffs. The clever side clips position the lap belt perfectly and the shoulder belt positioning clip ensures that the vehicle shoulder belt sits across the center of the chest.

    BubbleBum easily deflates for storage.

    Yes, BubbleBum meets & exceeds FMVSS213 the USA Federal regulations for Car seats.

    It's legal to use in 27 countries, it's crash tested to EU standards too. The only difference between the USA & EU is the label. The physical seat is the same.

    At BubbleBum the safety of your child is our number one priority. BubbleBum is crash test approved and meets and exceeds the EU ECE R44.04 and the US FMVSS 213 safety regulations. These entail both crash testing and materials testing. The seat is tested for frontal, rear and rollover crash scenarios.

    BubbleBum makes it easy for your child to travel with a booster seat on EVERY journey. BubbleBum is so compact and lightweight that it can travel with your child rather than having to rely on having one in the vehicle or in a friend’s car.

    BubbleBum takes up less space and is the lightest seat on the market making it the most compact, portable car booster seat in the world. So small and light that it is easy to store in a backpack, a glove compartment or even a handbag.

    FACT: Your child is 59% safer when riding on a booster opposed to using a vehicle seat belt alone.

    A shoulder belt positioning clip is for comfort only and positions the vehicle seatbelt across the center of the chest away from the face and neck. This prevents the vehicle seatbelt being a discomfort to the child, often resulting in the child putting the vehicle seatbelt under the arm or behind the back, which is extremely dangerous.

    We know that rigid seats give children ‘dead legs’ when travelling on any lengthy journey. BubbleBum is inflatable and super comfy, therefore, no more ‘dead legs!’ The ‘boost’ created when the seat is inflated makes it easier for the child to sit with their back against the vehicle seat due to the introduction of a gradient on the legs. This prevents the child from **slouching forward to bend their legs over the vehicle seat.

    **Children slouching forward, creating space between their back and the vehicle seat back, is very dangerous. In the event of a crash this loosens the vehicle seat belt and can cause serious lifelong abdominal injuries. This is why booster seats are raised up slightly. Crash test dummies do not behave the same way a child does as crash test dummies do not get fidgety or uncomfortable.

    BubbleBum is the world’s first inflatable car booster seat and meets and exceeds both EU and US regulatory requirements. This is the first truly portable and lightweight innovation since booster seats were first introduced, now selling in more than twenty-eight countries with extensive patents granted.

    EU law varies slightly between 135cm-150cm. Best practice for your child is to remain in a booster seat until the age of eleven AND/OR until they reach a height of 4ft 9 inches. This is when their body proportions are starting to be more like that of a small adult and they can sit properly in the vehicle seat.

    Never transition your child to a booster seat until at least the age of four AND weight of 15kg.

  • When inflated the seat measures 28cm x 28cm x 11cm.
  • When deflated the seat measures 29cm x 15cm x 10cm.
  • Weight of seat 500g (That is the same as a packet of Digestive biscuits!)
  • Seat must be used inflated. The seat has met safety standards in the deflated state, but we know that kids do not perform like the crash test dummy as they slouch when they have no ‘boost’.

    The BubbleBum is made out of similar components to that of airbags, life rafts and life vests. It contains memory foam technology which is one of the reasons why we have passed our crash testing in the deflated state. The super tough, rigid side clips provide perfect belt fit and replace the arm rests that conventional seats use to position the lap belt. This keeps the design sleek and narrow, saving space in your back seat.

    The BubbleBum should be replaced 4 years AFTER FIRST USE. This is because the materials may deteriorate over time if it is used continually in extreme temperatures.

    We ship our products worldwide. BubbleBum is region-specific. Depending on your shipping address, BubbleBum will ship to you from a location closest to you.

    Kontenl's customers now enjoy an extended 1 year warranty on all BubbleBum products (Proof of purchase from Kontenl required).

    The BubbleBum is backed by a 3-month manufacturer's warranty, and the components (including buckles, adjusters, booster base and holster) will be free from defects in material and workmanship (except normal wear and tear) for 3 months. The product is only replaced but not repaired.

    Kontenl's customers now enjoy an extended 1 year warranty on all BubbleBum products (Proof of purchase from Kontenl required).  

    During the warranty period, Kontenl will cover courier charges not covered by the manufacturer

    Kontenl is an authorized online retailer co-operated by Klau International Co, Limited (Hong Kong) and Kontenl Solutions Inc. (Canada).

    Klau and Kontenl are authorized BubbleBum distributors globally. The Kontenl store is authorized to ship the BubbleBum internationally.

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