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COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat
COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat

COMFi NBP01 - Newborn Baby Sleeping Mat

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  • 100% breathable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suffocation preventation
  • Washable and easy to dry
  • Allergens & toxic chemical free
  • SGS & OEKO-TEX Standard 100 EU certifications

  • Brand: COMFi
  • Model: NBP01
  • Product: Newborn baby sleeping mat
  • Technology: X-90° 3D weaving technology
  • Material: Polyester fibers
  • Age: 0 and up
  • Size: 45 x 85 x 1.5cm

It is hygienic to remove dirt or germs by washing and drying under direct sun.

Washing guide: Machine wash inside a laundry bag, hand wash or soak in hot water (We suggest an effective and safe temperature of 55-60C or 130-140F).

  • Do Not use softener
  • Do Not bleach
  • Sun drying is recommended

We ship internationally from one of our warehouses in Hong Kong or the Guangdong region of China.

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The heart of COMFI's products is their X-90° three-dimensional weaving technology.

The building block of COMFI's products is this special "Breathing breathable layer" material that has an air permeability close to 100%.

Each layer has at least 50 supporting points per cubic centimeter. The rigidity of the layers are tuned specifically for the babies' weight, making it supportive and comfortable at the same time

COMFi'S unique breathable material's benefits:

  • Air circulates & ventilated
  • Babies stay dry & comfortable
  • Easy to wash & dry
  • Ergonomic
  • Safe to use

COMFi products uses 3D weaving technology with an air permeability close to 100%.

Being breathable, no matter if your baby is sleeping on the back or on the tummy, it allows them to easily breathe, which can effectively reduce the risk of suffocation.

COMFi baby sleeping mat is anti-bacterial by design as water can run through each and every fibers.

Being "hollow", it can be kept clean and hygienic because it washes and dries quite quickly and easily.

Frequent washing is finally possible, which is the key to removing germs and allergens.

The Breathing Breathable Layer effectively dissipates heat and vents sweat.

By keeping your baby dry and comfortable all day long, we can effectively reduce problems such as sweat rash, eczema and hives.

COMFi baby mat is uniquely designed to support the baby's body comfortably.

Millions of 3D fabric (50 points per cubic cm) act as supportive agents that alleviate pressure exerted by the body's weight.

COMFi products received SGS and OEKO-TEX 100 safety certifications in Europe, ensuring all the material used is free from allergens and toxic chemicals, keeping your baby safe and healthy.

CASE: Most baby pillows and mattresses on the market emphasize they are breathable.

REALITY: Memory foam, sponge and latex are not breathable material. The breathabily refers to the coverings of the pillows and mattresses. Some products punch holes into the materials to make it more ventilated, but the effectiveness is limited.

COMFI: The 3D fabric material used by COMFi products are completely breathable. Air is able to circulate freely through the material.

CASE: Most products on the market emphasize comfort in terms of the material softness.

REALITY: Some material may turn harder in colder seasons, softer in hotter seasons, and sticky when humid. Sweat and head/body oil accumulate inside of them. Can this sleeping environment be truly comfortable?

COMFI: The definition of COMFi's comfort is the combination of softness, dryness and a healthy sleeping environment. Such comfort can truly enable babies to sleep comfortably and healthily.

CASE: Most products on the market emphasize the material used is treated for mites and bacterial prevention.

REALITY: These chemical treatments fade over time, and can cause discomfort for babies with sensitive skin. Sweat, skin secretion and moisture in the air will be trapped inside. Over time, they turn yellow, which is a sign of mold.

COMFI: All COMFi products are tested to the highest EU standards: OEKO-TEX 100 certified, ensuring they are free from allergens and toxic chemicals.

COMFI: The 3D fabric material does not absorb water and doesn't mold. It is washable and can be sun dried, making it truly hygienic.

COMFi - It's Safe, Cozy and Clean.

We not only want to make comfy products, more importantly we want your baby to sleep healthily.

The COMFi brand was launched by founder Kenny Quach. Originated at the heart of the city of Hong Kong in 2009, the COMFi brand has since radiated to much of Asia and South East Asia as a household name for young parents!

Since 2020, COMFi has partnered with Kontenl to distribute more internationally. COMFi products ship internationally, include Canada and the US.

COMFi products are made by the manufacturer Comfi Home Ltd, headquartered in the city of Hong Kong.

Contact information

  • Tel:(852)3679 3939
  • Fax:(852)3579 3939
  • Email: info@comfi-home.com


  • Unit 24, 6/F, Thriving Ind. Ctr.
  • 26-38 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
  • Hong Kong

We ship internationally, for shipping rates, please refer to the shipping policy link at the top of the page.

Kontenl's customers now enjoy an extended 18 months warranty on all COMFi products (Proof of purchase from Kontenl required). Original manufacturer's warranty from COMFi only covers up to 90 days.

During the warranty period, Kontenl will cover courier charges not covered by the manufacturer.

During the warranty period, Kontenl will cover courier charges not covered by the manufacturer.

Customers who have purchased the infant (Age: 0-18 months) pillow from us is qualified for an extra discount when it comes to upsizing to the larger (Age: 1.5-5 years old) pillow. For details, contact us by email or online chat.

Kontenl is an authorized online retailer co-operated by Klau International Co, Limited (Hong Kong) and Kontenl Solutions Inc. (Canada).

Klau and Kontenl are authorized COMFi distributors for Asia, Canada and the United States. The Kontenl store is authorized to ship COMFi products internationally.

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